Some Melbourne councils require Crossover protection hire as a necessity for construction sites to conserve driveways and footpaths from heavy vehicle traffic.

Not having one at your construction site can even result in council fines.

By choosing Williams Hire’s wooden crossover protection, you can protect your job site and your bank balance!
The wooden crossover protection offered by Williams Hire meets council regulations, so you won’t have to be worried about being slapped with an expensive fine.

Williams Hire’s wooden crossover protection is made from hardwood timber and held together with steel strapping, making it incredibly strong and able to withstand almost anything.

Williams Hire’s crossovers are Bevelled edge, 38mm hardwood timber with steel strapping to retain formation with a width of 2.7m and 3.0m length

If you’re in need of crossover protection hire for your Melbourne building site, then Williams Hire can help
We’re able to deliver temporary driveway cross over protection throughout Melbourne and our friendly team can even install it for you.