Security Cameras

Increase the security on your event by having an Williams Hire 24-hour security camera surveillance that is self-monitoring from our camera app to your smart phone or set up on your PC/Laptop for a split screen view of all your critical event areas in one centralized view

Williams Hire have two types of temporary event security cameras to suit all types of event sites.

SPY90 -Ideal for small event sites or single point of view areas
SPY180 ideal for larger event areas or dual access points

Both Camera features include:

  • Self-monitoring 24hr HD camera direct to your smart phone for live viewing
  • Solar powered ensuring you are provided continuous monitoring day and night
  • Spy90 – 5-megapixel camera on a 3.6m high pole with 90-degree view
  • Spy180 – 2 x 5-megapixel camera on a 5-metre-high retractable tower that is affixed in place on an 800kg concrete block providing a 180-degree view
  • Play back coverage
  • Bright flood light activated by sensor at night
  • Email and push notifications