Hand Sanitising Stations

With hygiene and sanitation being at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts in the new world that has evolved Williams Hire is able to supply Temporary Hand Sanitation stations to your event

These can be moved easily, and the water fillable base for stabilisation to make them a more permanent station.

Measuring 1.35m Height and weight less than 8kgs (when base empty) these are light weight and easy to move

Ideal your construction site entry or beside your Williams Hire Portable toilet.

Suitable for a Hand gel alcohol-based solution

2 x 800ml dispensers per stand

Avg 1,600 uses per dispenser – Averaging 3,200 uses per stand

Replacement gel readily available if required

Hand Wash Station

  • Hands-free hygienic foot operated pumps
  • Dual station
  • 1000 sheet paper towel capacity
  • 2 x 500 ml multi-viscosity soap dispensers
  • Moulded-in lifting handles for easy lifting (weighs 32kgs)
  • 80 litre capacity & Siphon port for pump out

Water Hydration Stations

  • Versatile drinking stations are great for hydrating guests at your event.
  • Hire options available:
    • 3000 litre tank with 10 tap points
    • 4 tap bubblers, connect to a water supply
  • Taps on sticks, connect to a water supply
  • Williams Hire choose an accredited partner who is licensed to transport and deliver potable water Williams Hire can provide portable water drinking station, with Taps for your event to be fully hydrated!